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Known as certified cell phone repair service center in San Juan Capistrano, capable of resolving cell phone issues within couple of hours of receiving the call. If you are struggling with iPhone cracked screen, water damage, parts or software issues, our technical team is ready to assist you .  There’s nothing more disheartening than spending time without your phone so try us , and get your cell phone back as soon as possible .

Specialists in cell phone and computer repair in San Juan Capistrano :Are you looking for the nearest cell phone repair in San Juan Capistrano ? It’s really closer than you imagine. Rather than wasting your time in line , just call us, and  talk to our customer service representative , and get the problem resolved same day  . We can also assist you with all computer, laptop and iPad repair needs, and we provide cell phone replacement service too.

Our Services in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Some FAQs

Yes, we provide IT support from our certified professionals with guaranteed 5 Star services. 

Yes, we can repair/replace your broken or damaged iPhone screen with a warranty and at an affordable cost than any other repair center. 

Yes, we repair any phone models of any company. Want to confirm before a visit? Call us at (949) 207-9773 for confirmation. 

Yes, we repair any PC/Laptop models of any brand.

For example:

1. Apple (Macbook)
2. Dell
3. Lenovo
4. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
5. Asus
6. Acer
7. Razer
8. Microsoft
9. Samsung
10. Toshiba, etc

Want to confirm before a visit? Call us at (949) 207-9773 for confirmation. 

Yes, we provide IT management services.

Dead phones are hard to diagnose as we can’t tell what problems exist just by looking. There may be a damaged battery, a damaged screen, or damaged internal parts. Bring your device to us and our certified technicians will find the problems and fix them.  

We provide data recovery services as well. Please contact us as soon as possible without making any self-tries. We can recover your photos, videos or documents from your memory card/chip, hard disk/hard drive, SSD, Phone, etc.

Why Techfix?

Mobile services during COVID-19


Certified professionals


10+ years in the business


Locally owned and operated


Free time & cost Estimates


Repair with

Original parts and replacements

Transparent and affordable Cost

Reachable and Responsive

Reliable and Turnaround Time

Our Existence and Feedback

Location based Service center

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